Wayuu Flowers, with its brand “PQR (Perfect Quality Roses)”, is a company created to produce and market Export Quality Roses under the highest standards. The company was born from the alliance between farms with over 20 year of tradition, dedicated exclusively to the production of the best and up to date generation varieties. The Farms, located in Colombia, in the northern suburbs of the capital Bogota, work on the use of 27 hectares for the production of Roses. Currently Wayuu has more than 56 varieties of roses that are sold in different markets around the world, Including Russia and Eastern European countries, Japan,Western and Continental Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia and South America.

PQR (Perfect Quality Roses) strives in providing excellent quality service, through ongoing communication with clients in order to exceed their expectations and successfully meet all their needs and concerns. Our practices and production techniques, framed in well-defined processes and procedures, ensure top quality Roses, with a wide variety of colors, long stems, solid, uniform and outstanding head size, which fully guarantee the satisfaction of the most demanding final consumers . We are very careful about our packaging processes and management of the cold chain of the product, which has allowed us to obtain, among other awards, the highest honor at international shows and Flower expos in Russia and Ecuador in 2012.

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